Let 'Em Ride

Tue January 7

Open The Gates. Loosen the Reins. Let ‘em Ride.

Planning, researching, analyzing, strategizing – all good activities. But there comes a time to put the pen down and set things in motion. The moment is now, it’s time to let the big ideas out of the stable.

Because by now, we’ve heard all the forecasts, seen all the destruction, heard all the doubt. And we’re still breathing, still standing, still moving.

None of that, however, changes the fact that it all needs to be redesigned, reinvented, reconnected. What we need now is to connect the dots and build the next wave.

What is the next wave?

It’s dynamic, it’s digital, it’s designed for big impact. This is the #NewEraBiz, not some masquerade of old ideas packaged up and put on a smartphone. It’s using technology as a connector rather than a distractor, people as catalysts instead of puppets, and resources as fuel for production over consumption.

The next wave isn’t going to be started by MBAs in a classroom or Analysts in a boardroom. It’s started by the horses, the ones with their hooves on the turf and their gaze on the horizon.

Big ideas don’t come from focus groups or market analysis. They come from within – from observation, from experience, from intuition. And once they are there, there is a window of time to make them fly, then the opportunity is gone.

The #NewEraBiz is all about setting big ideas in motion. First a spark, then a flame and suddenly it’s a wildfire. It starts with a quick flicker, a sudden action, an unexpected movement.

The time has come to let ‘em ride.

Open the gates, loosen the reins and let’s go.

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+ DIGITAL: The InterConnected Strategy

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