2012 has been the year of the crowds. The crowdfunding craze has officially gone global and we were there in the trenches earlier this year conducting research on it in the heart of South America, followed by a trip to London in May and Toronto in July. After several trips, countless hours of research and numerous blog posts, we thought it was time to recap our research on crowdfunding strategy – so here it is.

My Crowdfunding Study (mycrowdfundingstudy.com) was launched in January down in Argentina. Joel met with Idea.me in the first official site visit of the study(read post on My CFS blog) and then proceeded to head to Brazil to talk with entrepreneurial organizations like Aliança Empreendedor (read post on My CFS blog), along with Brazil’s top crowdfunding platforms, including Catarse (read post on My CFS blog).

The trip was captured on the blog and subsequently summarized in a report:

+ My Crowdfunding Study
+ My CFS Report

+ Read the article on Shareable – Crowdfunding’s Future in Latin America

A breakdown of the trip and all the compiled research lead to a post that provided organizations and entrepreneurs with a set of strategies to successfully fund their first crowdfunding campaign:

+ Strategies for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The next big trip was to London in May. There, Joel had the chance to speak with Seedrs, and attend several crowdfunding events that were happening in the city. It provided great insights into how the crowdfunding ecosystem was developing as a whole.

+ Finance 2.0 – Wall Street Meets the Web

The followup for the trip was two blog posts that discussed crowdfunding strategies for both social enterprises and everyday entrepreneurs to employ:

+ Strategy Sessions – Crowdfunding + the Social Enterprise

+ Strategy Sessions – Crowdinvesting + the Entrepreneur

Additionally, a post was created to breakdown the crowdfunding business model, which is insightful for anyone who is working on the platform, or service provider, side of crowdfunding:

+ Business Model Breakdown – Crowdfunding

To wrap up the month of crowdfunding, the Crowded Judgment blog series was created to track some of the most exciting crowdfunding projects from around the world:

+ Crowded Judgment – projects worth crowdfunding

Based on all these crowdfunding strategy posts collectively, the key takeaway is that crowdfunding provides a great opportunity to help launch new projects but it needs to be done strategically. There needs to a lot of planning in relation to the communication strategy before, during and after the campaign is launched.

After talking with a lot of entrepreneurs and social organizations in the summer months, Joel realized that many people were excited about crowdfunding but had failed to grasp the fundamentals that drive it, so he wrote a post describing social capital.

+ Crowdfunding and the principle of Social Capital

Finally, crowdfunding was applied to the creation of the New-Era business. As part of the TEST Building Block, an experimental process was developed to use crowdfunding to test the demand for a new product/service in a given market.

+ Building Blocks – TEST – demand via crowdfunding

And that summarizes the research related to crowdfunding strategy. There will be more posts to come on this topic, as we are only in the early phases of crowdfunding and many organizations will need to start taking it seriously to fund themselves in a faltering economy. Any future posts related to this topic will be added to this post, so bookmark this blog and check up on it in the coming months.

+ BMBreakdown: ETSY
+ Time For BMi

PLAN – the Business Model

+ BMi Services

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