Democratization – it’s a word that underpins many of the biggest movements globally. From democratization of the media (#yosoy132) to democratization of finance (the JOBS Act and crowdfunding), the key belief is that everybody on the planet should have equal access to information, education and capital; in that vein, we have been studying and developing the Building Blocks for the New-Era Business. After releasing the three components of the PLAN phase, the business model + financial model + strategy kit, we are also releasing a Step-by-Step Toolkit to help anyone who is not familiar with the concepts of business get started.

+ Building Blocks for the New-Era Business

If this is the first post you are reading about the New-Era Business, you should know the following; the business-as-usual mentality, where profit supersedes everything else, is out and the new-era business, where people come first and profit follows, is in. The Building Blocks are an experimental initiative we created to try and develop a streamlined process for starting a business in the new ecosystem. We have realized over the years that much of what is taught in the business schools is BS and therefore we want to help redefine what’s necessary in the PLAN phase of the business.

Over the last couple of months, we have released the PLAN phase components one at a time. These tools were developed to help plan the business model, financial model and strategy for your venture. We also recognize, however, that many people may not even understand what any of these are in the first place, let alone how to use them. In that light, we created the Step-by-Step Toolkit, which is designed as a walkthrough of the planning process for beginners.

We tried to make the Toolkit conversational and intuitive, almost as if we were sitting down together and going through each piece one at a time. We also included checkpoints to help you evaluate whether or not your ideas and plans will make the cut.

As with our other initiatives, this is all about experimentation. We realize that now more than ever, people need to start taking matters into their own hands and starting their own ventures. We are simply putting a tool out there to try and help everyday people take the first steps to getting their own ideas off the ground. As part of this experiment, we want to learn what is necessary and what isn’t, so we hope the Building Blocks will expand that conversation as much as anything.

The Toolkit is a 20 page booklet filled with visuals, questions and links to relevant content – included in the Toolkit package is the financial model, business model canvas and strategy kit. To get your own copy of the Toolkit, send us an email. We will be releasing a handful for free at the beginning.

+ Building Blocks – PLAN – the Financial Model

+ Building Blocks – PLAN – the Strategy Kit

+ Building Blocks – PLAN – the Business Model

+ Building Blocks – TEST – demand via Crowdfunding

+ Building Blocks – SPREAD – the Social Media pipelines

+ Building Blocks for the New-Era Business
+ Finance 2.0 – Wall Street Meets the Web

Crowdfunding Strategy – Summary

Trends and Research – Summary

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