In the spirit of movements, we thought it would be fun throw out our own concept of a movement we’d like to see happen. What if everybody, everywhere just woke up and started building brands that matter ?

We’re going to shift our focus away from building businesses or social enterprises for the moment and talk about brands. After all, any entrepreneur who starts a company aspires to create a brand.

So what exactly is a brand?

A brand is something that transcends the physical or virtual world and actually moves people on an emotional level – people become connected to a brand, it becomes a part of their lives.

Unfortunately, most of the brands in our world today are nothing more than a facade.

In Canada, a few of our beloved brands include the likes of Rogers, Telus and a bunch of mining and ‘energy’ companies. Globally, on the other hand, a few primary examples include:

Coca Cola – they mix sugar and water together, then tell us we are opening happiness

McDonalds – they serve chemicals and unrecognizable meat, and call it a happy meal

Facebook – they actively disregard personal privacy and sell ‘social’ data, then tell us they are making the world more open and connected

Imagine, what would happen if could really open happiness … or eat a real happy meal … or go on a real platform to make the world more open and connect with people. Imagine!

Imagine if instead of manipulating our emotional state, brands went out there and did something really meaningful, something that mattered? Imagine!

So let’s do it … together!

We are working on the Building Blocks (see post Building Blocks for the New-Era Business) to help people create brands from the bottom up. The tools have emerged to make this happen: crowdfunding, social media and video chat. And as consumers, we can all choose to support real companies.

Generation Collaboration (#GenCollaboration) is at the gate with the energy and the ideas (see post Gen Y Business – Welcome to Generation Collaboration), but we need everyone to get involved. Let’s start a movement where everyone, everywhere starts building something that matters. No more games, no more masquerading, let the real players emerge and redefine the way business is done.

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