A few months back, I set sail for South America to study the emerging crowdfunding movement down in Argentina and Brazil. I wrote about my journey as I went, on my blog at mycrowdfundingstudy.com. Now, after having been back in Canada for a couple of months, I have had an opportunity to piece together a few of my thoughts and put them into a final report.

The report is more of a story about crowdfunding in South America rather than an in-depth analysis of the industry itself, but it does include my thoughts and predictions for the movement that is about to shake things up down South. If you would like to obtain a copy of the report, please email me at joel at lumosforbusiness dot com.

+ Crowdfunding + LatAM – MyCFS update
+ The Collab Economy – Inspiration from Spain

Crowdfunding Strategy – Summary

PLAN – the Business Model

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