Apps – they are at the centre of the rising mobile ecosystem. But to build an app that gets noticed is becoming increasingly more difficult with each passing day. That’s why a little business planning can make the difference between a flop and a best seller.

At Lumos, we believe there are three key pieces that need to come together in order to create a successful app business strategy: business model, messages and media.

Business Model: how will your app make money?

There are many different business models to think about when you begin strategizing ways to monetize your app, including: freemium, advertising, paid and subscriber. Choosing the right one can make the difference between a big hit and a failure.

Message: how will you target your message to your market?

For people to find your app, it has to be targeted correctly. Choosing the right name, keywords and description is essential to put your app on the radar of your target market.

Media: what channels will you use to reach your market?

The Internet has a sea of social media sites, forums and blogs that could be used as channels to bring visibility to your app. Finding the right channels is the key to creating a focused, cohesive marketing strategy that will draw attention to your app.

The sea of new apps flooding the market on a daily basis has created a whole new set of challenges if you are an app developer. To set yourself apart and drive revenues with your app requires a bit of strategy and business planning. At Lumos, we can work with you on a flexible basis to help create a business model and marketing strategy for your app.

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