The month of January has been dedicated to innovation here at Lumos. We wanted to take a fresh look from the bottom up to find ways that we can spur the force that will determine the success of our country in the global economy going forward: innovation. Through a series of six blogs we went through several ideas and processes to get things kickstarted. So let’s recap:

1) It starts with an idea and there is no better place to look for the inspiration to innovation than outside our own borders (read Part 1: Inspiration from Abroad)

2) Failure is a misnomer. So if you have something worth going for, free yourself to take that chance and don’t let the fear of failure stand in the way (read Part 2: Failure is a Misnomer)

3) Innovation is a multi-disciplinary, creative affair. Get your imagination going and don’t let organizational silos stand between you and making your idea a reality (read Part 3: Catalyzing Creativity and Breaking down Silos)

4) We need to design products and services that make peoples’ lives better and get them excited in the process. Business model innovation and design thinking are the dynamic due that can make it happen. (read Part 4: Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking – A Dynamic Duo)

5) Allow market feedback to guide your idea. Throw it out there and let the market be your guru. (read Part 5: Let the Market be your Guru)

6) The pull model of startup development employed by Wesley Clover is in direct contrast to the typical push model displayed by Universities. The question is, do they have it right? (read Part 6: Does Wesley Clover have it right?)

Overall, entrepreneurship is a chance worth taking as long as you go into it with the right mindset. Free yourself to learn and think of it as a journey of discovery. Real innovation requires a bold group of entrepreneurs to venture into the unknown and solve a real-world problem. So saddle up your horse and giddy up, and let’s buck this trend!

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