The Love of Lumos

Fri January 8

Happy New Year and welcome to the dawn of a new decade. 2010 should be an incredible year!

At Lumos, we are excited about all of the opportunities and possibilities that a new year and decade bring. What better way to start things off than with our rocking new website, which is essentially the identity of our company. As you navigate our website you will get the chance to learn about us and what we do. The answer to the big question, however, may remain unanswered – why does Lumos exist?

Lumos was conceived because of our love for blossoming businesses. We realized that there are many challenges that these businesses face and that the market does not provide enough flexible solutions to help entrepreneurs meet these challenges. The hallmark of Lumos is our adaptability and creativity, which allows us to work with businesses on their terms.

We see each business as if it is in Beta mode, meaning that each business is a work in progress. We believe that rather than trying to make every aspect of the product or service perfect, creating lofty expectations, businesses should instead focus on entering their market and adapting as they go. Ideo, a world famous global design consultancy, coined the term Business in Beta which preaches action with constrained resources. From such circumstances spawns creativity, innovation and a business model developed from the bottom up. Through this evolution, businesses become nimble and quick, allowing them to exploit opportunities where others can’t.

The true love of Lumos is for the businesses with the power to make change happen. As we move forward into a decade of unprecedented levels of change, we want to be a part of building businesses that energize the markets they operate in. Our services have been created with this philosophy in mind and we look forward to working on many exciting projects, big or small, in the future.

Love, Lumos.

hey,great website! Well done!

mac van wielingen January 12

strong site! looking forward to working with you both in the near future!

Kalen Stewart January 14

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